Digital care planning

Person-centred digital care plan

Plan every aspect of your care easily with Birdie's digital care plan software. Updates are shared in real-time so everyone is always on the same page, without the need for paperwork or time-consuming admin.

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Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication
Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Digital care plan software 

With Birdie’s digital care plan software, you’re able to focus on providing quality care for each individual. Our person centred care planning software gives home care providers and agencies instant access to client profiles, schedules, medication, and notes.

Whether you’re a care provider managing a team and want to keep up to date with your care staff from your office, or are out working remotely, you can access our digital care planning software with realtime information from your desktop and phone.

Birdie’s digital care plan software benefits

Our digital care plan software allows home care agencies to create electronic client records that can be edited and updated instantaneously. Our software ensures that all relevant information is kept up to date and everyone that has access to the digital care plan will be able to immediately see any updates.

Easy access to every care plan

Care staff can log and view care records straight from their phones with a secure login, taking away the hassle of having one set of paper notes in one location. 
Care records can be updated and accessed at any time and any location. Whether updates are added at a clients home or are made on the move, digital care plans provide care workers with the flexibility and up to date information they need to provide effective care.

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Secure client records

At Birdie, we make security our top priority. Birdie’s care management system helps you to meet the requirements of the CQC, ICO, GDPR/DPA2018 and we have also achieved the Cyber Essentials Certification.

Logging in to Birdie from the office is secured by a one-time authentication link. We also enable permission levels within the app to be set for your staff so that only carers who've been invited by you can access a client’s information. These are defaulted to the most secure permission levels and can only be enabled by an affirmative action by you.

Audit easily

Digital care planning tools make it easy to audit and review your clients care plans - no more collecting and printing paper sheets.

  • Review everything in one place

  • See your audit trails clearly

  • Evidence everything with structured reporting tools

Update instantly

A digital care plan means you can be truly responsive and make changes quickly, whenever you need to.

  • Update care plans easily

  • Change task lists instantly

  • Reflect changes in care in real-time via the Birdie App

Share quickly

Caring for a person involves many moving parts. Make it easy to transfer and share information with a digital care plan.

  • Third-parties can access care records

  • e-Signatures make consent quick

  • Dedicated Family App keeps loved ones in the loop

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