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Discover Birdie, your complete homecare software solution. Designed to give you better visibility over your care and support older adults to live happily at home.

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication
Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

person-centred care

Gain a greater understanding of your care recipient

With Birdie’s About Me tool. Covering a broad spectrum of questions around personal preferences and identity, you’ll have the tools you need to get a complete and individualised picture of the person you care for.

• Upload a profile photo of each care recipient

• Document key details such as gender, ethnicity and religion

• Make note of likes, dislikes, routines, preferences and choices

• Record clinical details such as NHS number, GP and medical history

unique care

Keep your clients' care as unique as they are

Our assessments use industry-leading standards and are co-designed with agencies like yours to ensure they're of the highest quality and fully understand client needs.

• Access over 20 digital assessments

• Carry out an holistic initial assessment of needs and risk across 8 key areas

• Choose from over 12 additional assessments as relevant to your client’s needs and potential risks

• Record any risks and the measures needed to tackle them

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

visit planning

Plan high-quality, effective visits

With our smart task planning tool. Birdie makes it easy to create a task plan that aligns to your client’s needs and for every carer to complete in real time.

• Create a weekly schedule of tasks using curated suggestions

• Add bespoke notes to each and every task

• Create step-by-step task lists and order by priority

personalised care

Ensure care is continually personalised

With a digital review process built directly into the Birdie platform. As your care recipient’s needs change, we make it easy to review and update care plans - and deliver responsive care.

• Review existing care plans or start from scratch

• Be audit ready with time and date stamped assessments

• Updates made instantly available via the mobile carer app

hand drawn illustration of a retro dial telephone

See how Birdie's care management platform could help you

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Birdie in a nutshell

A complete care management solution for care organisations.

  • Industry-leading eMAR

  • Secure GPS, QR code or OTP check-in

  • Instant alerts for concerns, missed medications or late visits

  • Proven to save up to £12,000 a year and an average of 30 hours per month

  • Designed with in-house GPs and partner agencies

  • Integrates with rostering providers

  • Free training and onboarding

  • 24/7 account support

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