Rota management:
tips and tricks

Managing your staff roster can be a struggle, especially at busy times like the holiday period. We're here to help. The following guides and articles will show you how to manage your rota effectively, and how Birdie could help.

Maintain care continuity

‍Even in a crisis, it's vital you keep care continuity front of mind when considering rota management. Not only does the CQC look for good rota management in regards to

Learn how smart carer matching could help
Discover how to meet the CQC KLOEs aligned to rota management

Retain the staff you have through rota management

When you're facing a staff shortage, the last thing you need is for more of your workforce to leave. Our guide outlines some key guidance for developing a retention plan and incentivising the staff you already have.

How to create your staff retention plan
Understand what motivates staff to stay

Get the right tools for the job

Effective rota management comes down to having the right tools. But not all tools are created equal. Find out how to choose the right rostering software with our guide.

Learn how software can help you plan ahead
Discover the best tools to maintain care continuity
See how software could help you ace your CQC inspection
rostering software Birdie

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Learn how to plan for contingencies, maintain continuity and deal with last minute changes with our free guide.

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