Digitise your MAR charts and monitor medication in real-time

Easily create medication schedules, keep track of administration and get alerted in real-time whenever a concern is raised.


Improve safety and recording

Best in class medication recording

With a complete record for every medication administered by who and when, auditing becomes a breeze and risk is decreased.

Make your care safer and responsive

Deal with concerns instantly to protect your client’s wellbeing and make sure the care you deliver as safe as possible.

Reduce medication errors

By monitoring medication in real-time, you can massively mitigate and decrease the risk of human errors and safeguarding issues.

Monitor medication events in real-time

Care staff always have the right information to hand

When medication is updated in Birdie, it’s instantly visible by your care staff.

Act on any concerns straight away

Get alerted in real-time when there is an issue and act on it instantly.


Record and administer medication using the Birdie app

Care staff has instant access to all the information they need to administer medication safely when visiting clients.

Real-time alerting

Get alerted in real-time of any medication issue raised by your staff and act on them instantly.

Pre-loaded NHS medication list

Add medications to your client’s schedule in seconds directly from the NHS database of 150,000 medications.

Medication scheduling

Easily create and manage all your clients’ medication schedules digitally.


“The Medication Manager interface is amazing. It's user-friendly and self-explanatory. I would be able to work with it instantly even without any explanation. It will help us decrease paperwork processes by 99%.”

Joy, Care Coordinator, Sterling Standard

“It will help massively from a quality assurance perspective. As an organisation, we can review information centrally, tweak our training and reporting. In terms of contract perspective, it will also help a lot. When working with local authorities, they see the use of technology very positively.”

Leigh, Operational Manager, Alina Home Care

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