Care management software with state-of-the-art eMAR

Our eMAR system (electronic medication administration record system), makes it easy for staff to digitally manage, schedule and track the administration of client medication.

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Birdie in a nutshell

A complete care management solution for care organisations.

  • Industry-leading eMAR

  • Secure GPS, QR code or OTP check-in

  • Instant alerts for concerns, missed medications or late visits

  • Proven to save up to £12,000 a year and an average of 30 hours per month

  • Designed with in-house GPs and partner agencies

  • Integrates with rostering providers

  • Free training and onboarding

  • 24/7 account support

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Benefits of eMAR 

Medication Management

Our eMAR system makes medication management so much simpler, saving your care staff time every week on medication updates and auditing as well as freeing up more time to spend with clients delivering outstanding care.

The Birdie eMAR system reduces medication administration errors and also flags possible health issues, protecting clients even further.

With the eMAR system, care staff are able to see a client’s medication schedule, changes in their routine, how they’re feeling and much more.

Benefits of eMAR

Up-to-Date Reports and Alerts

The eMAR system improves efficient communication between the care team by sharing up-to-date information. See a complete record for every medication administered and get an alert if they're missed.

With instant visibility, you can reduce your risks, audit instantly and keep track of everything.

If there’s a concern, your staff can immediately raise an alert, so you can act fast. The Alert Inbox helps you prioritise alerts such as check in concerns or medication issues, allowing you to always be a step ahead.

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Benefits of emar

Scheduling Medications

Birdie’s eMAR system allows you to schedule how and when medications are delivered. You can include a range of details such as dosage, how often medication is taken, how it is to be taken, as well as any extra notes.

Building your client’s medication schedules with Birdie’s eMAR system is a really quick and simple process.

We use the NHS database of medications (dm+d), which means you only need to start typing a medication into the box and it’ll show you a pre-populated list of the most popular medications relating to your search, along with exact doses (including blister packs).

Benefits of eMAR

Medication Record

The digital medication record and eMAR system helps ensure medication is administered safely. With everything being held on one digital database all care staff have access to the same information, significantly reducing any medication errors.
The historical medication record enables care staff to have a clear understanding of each client's medication history and needs. This increases their care visibility and helps care staff spot patterns in a client’s medication management and flag any potential risks e.g. when medication has not been taken or has been partially taken.

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Benefits of emar

Digital Administration

With a complete record for every medication administered by who and when, auditing becomes a breeze and you can be truly responsive.

When you view a client’s MAR chart using Birdie’s medication management tool, you’ll see an overview of every medication and its administration status. 

You can also record other client information onto the eMAR system, including how the client has been feeling, information about the visit and how the medication they took was received.

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