Secure call monitoring

Be sure that care is being delivered at the right place, at the right time with three call monitoring options, Geo Check-In, One-Time Password Check-In (OTP) and QR codes.

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Cater to every aspect of care

 Assess the needs of your clients
 Plan and organise your visits & tasks
 Monitor, evaluate and improve your care delivery
 Manage your caregivers and their scheduling
 Simplify your invoicing
 Share insight with family and other health professionals


The geo check-in feature works by comparing the GPS location of the carer and the actual location of the care recipient’s home in order to verify a successful check-in/out.

Use GPS technology to determine if carers are at the right location
Create a check-in radius with adjustable GPS settings, up to 500m
Raise alerts if the location doesn’t match the visit address


One-time-password (OTP) devices works by generating a single-use code and sending it to a mobile number.

Generate a unique log-in code for any visit
OTP gives an extra layer of security

QR Codes

With QR codes, you can securely check in without sharing GPS location or even using mobile signal.

Generate a QR code specific to each care recipient
Scan in to each visit using your smartphone camera, no mobile signal required
Use it separately, or alongside geo-location and OTP
Turn it on and off for each client

Best-in-class Care Management

We believe that quality care is underpinned by quality tools, and quality care leads to better outcomes for everyone. That’s why when you join Birdie you’ll also have access to our full suite of future-forward care planning tools, designed alongside our partners.
Clinically valid assessments
Visit planning and scheduling of tasks
Call monitoring with geolocation and QR codes
Mobile tasks and eMAR recording with our carer app
Real-time visit information and alerts in your inbox
Family app and third party access
Business insights with Birdie Analytics

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