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Birdie's home care software solution powers over 300 agencies in the UK delivering care to over 20.000 people each week.

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Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Know what’s happening

Industry-leading eMAR

Get instant alerts for missed medications and see a client’s medication administration history at a glance, whenever you need to.

If meds change, update their MAR from the office and it’ll be instantly changed on the Birdie App.

See detailed medication history, including changes, notes and amendments so you’re always inspection-ready. 

Know what’s happening

Secure check-in

Make sure that every visit happens on time and in the right place with our secure check-in options.

Choose from GPS call monitoring with an adjustable radius (which you can set yourself), one-time-password check-in or generate a unique QR code for your carers to scan on arrival. 

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Know what’s happening

Instant alerts

If your staff have a concern, or if something isn’t going to plan (like a late visit or a missed medication) you’ll get an instant alert.

You can prioritise and action these alerts right from the Birdie Agency Hub so you’re always in control and always responsive to the changing needs of the people you care for. 

Know what’s happening

Understand your business performance

Avoid business blind spots with 360 insights into your performance.

Understand everything from visit duration and hours delivered to trend boards to reduce turnover. Plus, you can create custom reports to send to your staff, show to inspectors or support council tenders and contracts. 

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Save time and money

Digital care planning tools

Tailor your client’s care using our suite of digital assessments, designed to keep people at the core and help you meet regulation requirements.

Clearly record personal preferences, needs, goals and areas of risk unique to your client - then share them instantly with your care staff.

Save time and money

Realtime auditing

Make your month-end manageable and put paper where it belongs: in the past.

The average Birdie partner saves 30 hours a month thanks to our auditing tools that make it easy to access everything in one place. 

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Save time and money

Make instant changes

Making changes used to mean updating carers individually. Not anymore.

Change tasks and routines easily from the Birdie Agency Hub and update the whole care team instantly without needing to manually amend and reprint paper care plans.

Easy to use

Built by care professionals

Birdie has been designed to be easy to use, for everyone.

Built by our in-house team of clinicians and GPs, alongside our care partners, every element of our software has been tested and approved so that you can get up and running right away.

Birdie Medication manager showing medication schedule and partially taken medication

Easy to use

24/7 support

Making the switch from paper to digital can be daunting. That’s why we offer the best support in the industry.

From online training, delivered through the Birdie Academy, to in depth support articles and someone to talk to 24/7, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Birdie in a nutshell

A complete care management solution for care organisations.

  • Industry-leading eMAR

  • Secure GPS, QR code or OTP check-in

  • Instant alerts for concerns, missed medications or late visits

  • Proven to save up to £12,000 a year and an average of 30 hours per month

  • Designed with in-house GPs and partner agencies

  • Integrates with rostering providers

  • Free training and onboarding

  • 24/7 account support

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"Since being with Birdie our processes have become simpler, monitoring and responding to our Service Users is simpler."

Affexa Care Services

"The online support from Birdie is very efficient. The app is very clear and it is a great asset to our company"

Day and Nite Services

"[The Birdie App] saves over an hour each day in entering the data for daily tasks and care notes"

Bluebird Care, Northampton and Daventry

"Anybody can use Birdie.
Whether they are 10 years old or 80 years old - it's that good!!"

Leymar Healthcare

"It makes such a difference to be able to work from anywhere. It's a massive help - you can look in an instant and see what's happening with your service users"

Boo Care

"We have been blown away by the ease to use and reassurance it gives. Our staff love it, even the ones who claim to be technophobic!"

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