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Digital carer reports to be reassured that everything is fine

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Peace of mind that carer visits took place

Know in real time which carer is visiting your loved one. Be notified when a visit starts and ends. Review what was done during the carer visit and what medication were taken.

Know how the visits went

From mood to physical wellness, receive a full report after each carer visit on how your loved was doing. Know your loved one is well at a glance with a daily wellbeing summary.

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They trust us

See David's testimonial


Emma Lewis

Agency Manager, Right at Home, Swansea

“Birdie is an efficient way of recording the key aspects of a client’s wellbeing. Thanks to an instant overview of the services delivered, I am confident I can act upon any changes or concerns. Birdie is an innovative way of delivering responsive, quality services.”

Stacy Stephens

Carer, London

“Now that I can communicate easily with families, it gives me such peace of mind. Birdie really supports me in delivering better care.”


Lizz Maykels

Caring for her mom Rica, London

“Birdie gives me such peace of mind. When Mum is well, checking the app reassures me. When she is unwell I look more closely and track her movements. If anything is unusual I can put in the support she needs. There is always someone I can talk to.”

Elizabeth Kendrick

Geriatrician, St Marys hospital

“Birdie tracks key health and well-being metrics over time and catches issues before they worsen. Providing more efficient and higher-quality care to all.”

Zara Martins

Caring for her dad David, London

"Birdie has really helped me in caring for my dad, it’s improved his independence and our relationship. Before using Birdie, I was stressing him out. Today, we’re a lot calmer. It’s taken the worry and stress off both of us."

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