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March 10, 2022

How Enthuse Care spends 50% less time on reporting using Birdie

About Enthuse Care

Enthuse Care is a leading home care provider for clients across the south coast of England, with offices in Westbourne, Southampton, Portsmouth and the New Forest.

The team provides a wide range of services, including personal care, live-in care, companionship and domestic cleaning. They even offer a handyman service!

The challenge

Enthuse Care’s paper-based system meant that carers were spending time writing reports in the clients’ homes. For every care recipient, carers had to read through their folder to check for changes, write out everything that had happened during the visit and record medication information. It was taking up valuable time that could be better spent with the client.

The solution

Enthuse Care wanted their carers to be able to focus on providing excellent care, without the added time-pressures of having to write out everything with pen and paper. They knew this would improve the quality of every visit, make staff happier and - most importantly - show clients that spending time with them was the priority. Managers also needed easier access to notes, instead of waiting for them to come into the office at the end of the month for auditing.

Enthuse Care’s managers knew that solving this problem would not only save them all time, but that time = money, so the benefits would be two-fold.

The solution was to introduce a digital system to replace the paper records, so the team could input data quickly and easily during the visit and managers could make changes from the office.

[With Birdie] I can see straight away what has happened today. That saves a huge, huge amount of time. Saving time and money - that comes hand in hand.

Anita, Director of Care at Enthuse Care

Here's how they did it

Enthuse care partnered with Birdie to throw out their paper system (figuratively speaking!) and go digital. Birdie’s digital care plans can be updated from the office and accessed remotely from the client’s home via a smartphone app. Carers are able to complete their call notes by simply ticking the relevant boxes in their app and adding any additional information if necessary. Medications management has also become easier, with the Birdie eMAR system.

Enthuse Care estimate that their team now spends a massive 50% less time on reporting than with the paper system. What a turnaround!

With a really responsive system behind us, Birdie, it just gives us the information straight away, and then we can act upon [it] quickly.

Anita, Director of Care at Enthuse Care

Reducing time spent on reporting by 50%

Enthuse Care provides a range of home care services across the south coast of England. They wanted to find a way to speed up reporting and free up carers’ time to provide excellent care for clients. The current paper-based system was time-consuming and they wanted to find a better way. 

The Enthuse Care team decided to partner with Birdie and implement a fully digital system. Now, managers can update care plans from the office and carers can complete reports from their smartphones. Onboarding to Birdie has reduced time spent reporting by a massive 50%, and has saved money by freeing up so much time for managers and carers. Win, win!

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