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September 22, 2020

Birdie voices: wellbeing at Birdie is not just a buzzword

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We're immensely proud of our flock 🐦

Every employee is a master of their skills, and we thought it was high-time we introduced you to the team - so you can meet the brains behind the business and see what really goes into building Birdie.

We're calling these articles our #ExpertiseEditions, and they'll give you a behind the scenes look at the day to day lives of our team.

This week we're talking to our People Coordinator, Fin.

Putting our values first

At Birdie, we live by our values. One of those values is 'We Care', and we live and breathe this value daily. Not just in the way we shape our products to improve the lives of older adults but in the way we genuinely care for each other and ourselves.

We know that the lines between personal and professional lives are often impossible to separate, and this is especially true now that we've shifted to a distributed-first workplace in the wake of COVID-19.

We don't just clock in and out, putting on a 'work' hat between 9-5. Instead, we're authentically ourselves in everything we do. We're fortunate to have an incredible leadership team who understand that our role as a company extends to supporting wellbeing for a happy and engaged workforce.

Using the Māori model of 'Hauora'

As the People Coordinator at Birdie, it's my job to foster wellbeing. I use the Māori model of 'Hauora' to shape and inform this (it's a concept I learnt growing up in New Zealand). Hauora compares total wellbeing to the four walls of a house: mental, physical, social & spiritual. If one of the walls weakens, the whole house's foundation is compromised. Each of the four aspects of wellbeing needs to be strong for us to be holistically well.

One way we foster this holistic wellbeing is by giving each Birdie access to a Wellbeing Package. Everyone has the choice of opting into a private health insurance scheme paid by Birdie, and they receive a quarterly 'wellbeing budget'.

Birdies have autonomy over how they use this budget, as we believe wellbeing should be tailored to individual needs, rather than uniformly prescribed. We know ourselves best, and should be given the freedom to explore options which will truly make a difference in any area of our wellbeing that may need strengthening. Our team can spend their budget on anything from a remote working set-up, to gym memberships, Headspace subscriptions, therapy sessions, personal development courses, or life admin such as childcare or cleaning.

Combining wellbeing with progression

Wellbeing is so valued at Birdie, that even our progression and personal development plans are linked to it. Every six months, we create individual Outcome Plans, which we create by defining 5-8 goals or objectives we want to achieve by the end of each cycle.

These are directly linked to promotions, so if you don't achieve your wellbeing goal, you don't get promoted.

This is quite radical, but again, we have total autonomy over what this goal may be; whether it's completing a marathon through to getting more sleep, it's up to us.

On top of this, we have countless other tools and initiatives to support wellbeing; the cycle to work scheme, monthly socials, clubs, annual retreats, anonymous fortnightly team barometers... this list goes on.

We're always thinking of ways we can be an even happier and healthier team, and I look forward to seeing how we can keep evolving wellbeing even more.

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