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September 13, 2018

Birdie voices: celebrating the importance of independence

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Having just completed my first week at Birdie, I have learnt and observed many things about working within a healthcare tech start-up, more specifically, a startup who’s core concern is to make a difference. After contacting and visiting several care agencies I realised not only the importance, but the need for Birdie’s work. As people grow older and live longer, they and their families are having to seek solutions but, as I have discovered over the past week, that does not always mean that they are left dependent on others or without choice —

Regardless of our age, we all strive for independence.

From the moment we are born, our parents teach us to look after and care for ourselves. The lessons we learn during those formative years form an integral part of who we are and the way we think without us even realising. One day, we find ourselves having reached adulthood and before we know it we are raising our own children and teaching them those very same lessons we learnt all those years ago. We find ourselves teaching our children the importance of independence, but why?

Being independent allows us to achieve, succeed and be happy. Some of our greatest fulfillments and satisfactions are often the result of accomplishing things on our own, a trend which continues throughout our lifetime.

Independence is instilled in us and the desire to be independent rarely goes away with age, especially not amongst those who receive care and support. When a person loses their independence, they can feel low, sad and at times distressed which can lead to feelings of doubt and depression. It is therefore important that a person maintains as much independence as possible within all aspects of their life and day to day activities — whether that be going to the local shops, cooking for themselves or even just getting out of bed each morning. As we grow older we worry that we may become more reliant on others to perform certain tasks however, that does not mean we stop thinking and deciding for ourselves and so, independence becomes a priority when providing and receiving care.

At Birdie, we recognise the value of growing old within the comfort of your home and believe that the future is at home. It’s the one place we belong, we share, we love and we live together and our belief is that with the right technology, we can protect this. We believe that technology should be used to enhance care, not replace it. We recognise that for many, the thought of leaving the home can be daunting, distressing and not always necessary. Every day care agencies and their care givers face and overcome huge challenges and that’s why we support them, so that they can spend more time caring for you or your loved one. We know that by helping an individual to remain in their home and therefore to be independent, their well-being, happiness and relationships strengthen and grow. ‘Independence’ means something different for everybody and we believe in preserving your version of that meaning, whatever it may be, for as long as possible.

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