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Providing Birdie for free to home care agencies in response to Coronavirus

As more home care staff will need to work remotely in response to the spread of the COVID-19, at Birdie, we would like to do our part to reduce the risks to people and to their businesses, and to support providers to give the best quality of care, even remotely.

Our services can offer immediate relief and value to home care agencies at this time, by reducing costs, improving communication and reducing the need for excess contact. That’s why we’ve decided to make some of Birdie’s core services free of charge, for at least 3 months, to help home care providers to effectively manage the ongoing situation no matter where they or their clients are located.

As of today (18 March 2020), we will be offering our Essentials package free of charge, including our eMAR, digital care logs and family app to any new home care provider that signs up here.

We’re committed to helping care managers and carers to start using Birdie as quickly as possible and to provide the necessary remote support to get them on board in no time. They will be able to join online training sessions and will have access to content designed to make the transition as easy as possible.

Starting today, we will begin rolling out free access to our eMAR, digital care logs and family app to home care agencies across the UK including:

  • our digital tool for medication scheduling and medication administration (Medication Manager)
  • our digital care logs (Log)
  • all available in our Agency Hub for office staff and our Care Pro app for care staff
  • and our app for families (Family App)

These features will be available at no additional cost to new customers until July 1, 2020 - and potentially longer if necessary. If you need help getting started, please contact our support team at or follow the instructions outlined on this special Covid-19 page on our website.

We are also planning to release new features and services to support care staff to better deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. These will become available in the Birdie product over the next days and weeks with the aim to reduce the risks of transmission, make information more visible, help to better manage staff pressures and identify symptoms earlier.

These new features will range from supporting the management of service users' supplies, a log for viral symptoms monitoring, a risk rating status for services users and a fully editable in-app banner for key information. We'll be sharing more information about these in the next few days.

We’re committed to supporting our industry and all home care agencies in the UK during this challenging time, and we are reorganising our in-house operations to be able to support each of them closely but remotely throughout this period.

Max Parmentier

Birdie, CEO & Founder

March 18th, 2020