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Person-centred care: improving delivery with technology

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How Key 2 Care are using Birdie to save money, meet compliance and be more person-centred

An interview with Phil Mason, Key 2 Care

With over 400 clients 4,000 hours delivered from their main hub in Derby, Key 2 Care know a thing or two about delivering efficient, person-centred care.

Earlier this year, we chatted to Phil Mason, Business Manager, about how Birdie’s been helping Key 2 Care across the whole business; from saving money to helping them meet compliance and be more person-centred. 

This blog post features a small extract from our conversation - read on to hear how Key 2 Care uses Birdie to be more responsive and person-centred, and how Phil thinks this will impact their CQC rating. 

Q: Do you think Birdie can help you in becoming more person-centred?

A: “Definitely. Being person-centred is at the heart of everything we do. Technology now makes the assessments easier - things aren’t lost in translation between the assessment and getting that onto paper. We can do it there and then using the Birdie system.”

Q: What tools or features do you think contribute to being more person-centred?

A: “Technology allows real-time changes and updates to be made, meaning there are no delays. If a customer wishes to make a change to their care plan or if they are improving or need adjustments to be made, we can do that straight away.”

“For example, we could get a call today at 10:30 am and we’d make those tweaks and changes and they are ready for the next care worker when they go on a lunchtime call. Previously we would have to get an updated care plan printed and distributed and into their home, and it could be 48 hours later. Before Birdie, we may have considered that quite responsive, but now we can do the same in five minutes. And that has got to mean that we are providing better, person-centred care and we are more effective.”

DIagram showing the process of a request change to a care plan, updated on the Birdie agency hub and then updated in real time on the birdie app
How Key 2 Care is providing responsive care, faster

“We can also monitor the activities completed by the care workers to ensure care is delivered in a person-centred way, and immediately coach them if they’re not meeting the person-centred standards required.”

“The realtime capabilities of recording when people refuse medication, have changes in need, identify a need for medication reviews, picking up shortfalls in care delivery service; technology allows us to pick up on all of that straight away. It’s a huge improvement on where we were [before using Birdie].”

“The live elements of the system [Birdie] allow us to identify shortfalls in service, changes in need, refusals of medication, the need for medication reviews etc, quicker. We can be more effective and responsive to customers needs and desires.”

Q: What’s the biggest benefit of Birdie?

A: “The biggest benefit [of Birdie] has been the ability to obtain information without delay. Because we have over 400 customers and because of the nature of the business, there can be issues that need to quickly be addressed and we need to use other health partners to help us deal with that. Because we have access to care notes and MAR sheets available at the touch of a button, we can get that across to our health care partners and make improvements to the care delivery and make changes to care plans to improve customer wellbeing. That’s been the biggest benefit.” 

“The timeline has been shortened massively when it comes to concerns and investigation, from the time it’s raised to the time it can be completed. We can make those decisions very quickly as we have all the information available. The assessment process is now more streamlined, again, (and that also saves time, money and paper).”

“I also take great pride in the fact that due to the real-time alert monitoring and alert resolution, our business is much more safe and secure as a result.”

Q: Do you think the features you mentioned above will help your CQC rating?

A:  "It’s not just about Birdie, but the fact that it’s real-time and alerts are flagged and dealt with, proving we are a safe, effective, caring and well-led business. But of course, a system is only as good as the information you put into it, so that’s something that’s on us.”

Will it make a difference? Absolutely it will because they’ll be able to see how reactive we are and how responsive and effective we are. And they’ll see how much benefit Birdie has added for all of the five KLOEs. I certainly consider Birdie to be something that CQC would be impressed with.”

“We have greater capabilities now, thanks to the time saving and efficiencies from Birdie, to implement better strategies to maintain and improve our rating and go for the ultimate ‘Outstanding’. Birdie is a massive contribution to that, because of the time and space it offers us to look at other areas of our business and improve. There’s no doubting the benefit of Birdie on our CQC inspection to come."

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