Carer of the Week

Introducing the Birdie Carer of the week Wayne Varndell

Each and every day there are an army of dedicated care staff going the extra mile to make someone’s life better. Never before has their hard work, tenacity and positive attitude been more important. We asked our partner agencies to nominate their very own frontline care heroes, those going the extra mile every day to deliver the best care. We’re excited to introduce you to our next Carer of the Week, Wayne Varndell from Astar Homecare.

"Wayne has come on in leaps and bounds. He's always supporting the staff, dealing with all the client's issues, and has really good communication with everyone in the company from clients to us. Wayne always goes above and beyond."

Zandra Brandon, Astar Homecare

“Wayne, how are you coping with COVID-19?”

"I'm coping okay. There isn't much else we can do except to simply get on with it."

“What's the biggest challenge you've faced?”

"It's definitely doing shopping for the clients. Supermarkets only have one hour in the morning for key workers and I don't always have to buy things in that specific hour so I'm often spending a long time in the queues. The only time I would go then is during my long 7am to 9pm shift (and may have to go again later)!"

“How do you keep positive?”

“For me, knowing that the clients are being looked after and they are happy is what keeps me positive. They always come first and it's my job to look after them."

"How do you maintain a work-life balance?"

"I usually have one day off a week and every other weekend for me to spend time with my wife and kids. Apart from that, I'm always calling them throughout the day. I always have dinner ready when I return home and my kids keep me company."

“Does Birdie help make it easier?”

"It does. Sometimes it may come up saying it's offline, but it works nonetheless. I'm not much of a writer so having the tasks allows me to complete my job and helps me in write only the different bits."

A message to all carers from Wayne...

We’d like to say a huge well done to Wayne, and thank you for doing the work you do. We’ll be posting a Carer of the Week each and every week so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram to see the winners.

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