Carer of the Week

Introducing the Birdie Carer of the week Naila Qureishi

Each and every day there are an army of dedicated care staff going the extra mile to make someone’s life better. Never before has their hard work, tenacity and positive attitude been more important. We asked our partner agencies to nominate their very own frontline care heroes, those going the extra mile every day to deliver the best care. We’re excited to introduce you to our next Carer of the Week, Naila Qureishi from Marieco Care.

"Thank you Naila. You have helped us during these tough times and have always been ready to take shifts and see our clients."

Ara Abdraheman, Marieco Care

“Naila, how are you coping with COVID-19?”

"Our work is necessary as it's our duty to look after those in need. The office has given us masks and we are very careful with PPE as well as constantly hand washing and keeping a little bottle of hand gel with us as the client's safety comes first."

“What's the biggest challenge you've faced?”

"Of course nobody is 100% free from being infected so I worry about bringing the virus home and what the circumstances will be afterwards. I was fasting for the month of Ramadan and it did get especially challenging managing the clients, going home and cooking for my family and ensuring that I pray (salah) five times a day, all whilst not eating or drinking anything. But I know that God (Allah) will give me strength and so I was able to manage."

“How do you keep positive?”

“For me I always pray and speak to Allah. I know He will find a way out and support us. Also, I think about the clients. What would happen to them if I suddenly decided not to show up? They need my help."

"How do you maintain a work-life balance?"

"I cook in my free time for my husband and child and I do the rest of my housework over the weekend as I usually get Saturday off."

“Does Birdie help make it easier?”

"Yes, it's very good. Before, I would go to houses and papers in the folders would be missing or the entire folders would be missing! Clients would hide the folders so we wouldn't be able to read what happened before or write what we did. Sometimes families would write in the folder about things we were not told of. Now, with Birdie, we are able to always be aware of the client's care and make sure we write accurate information."

A message to all carers from Naila...

"We are all doing a good job. As long as you are loyal and honest, you are doing the best for the clients. So, continue with the good work!"

We’d like to say a huge well done to Julie, and thank you for doing the work you do. We’ll be posting a Carer of the Week each and every week so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram to see the winners.

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