Carer of the Week

Introducing the Birdie Carer of the Week: Amy Elsigood

Each and every day there are an army of dedicated care staff going the extra mile to make someone’s life better. Never before has their hard work, tenacity and positive attitude been more important. We asked our partner agencies to nominate their very own frontline care heroes, those going the extra mile every day to deliver the best care. We’re excited to introduce you to our next Carer of the Week, Amy Elsigood from All Aspects Care. Read on to discover her story, but first, check out her message to carers here...

A message to all carers from Amy...

"Amy has gone above and beyond with always being ready to help. She sends her daughter to school just so she can continue delivering care. Her attention to detail is great and she is always willing to help whenever needed."

Nina Tobin & Christine Winters, All Aspects Care

“Michelle, how are you coping with COVID-19?”

"I count blessings that I'm healthy - I know that if I don't look after my customers, no one else will. I'm taking every day as it comes but I love my customers and I love my job so it doesn't feel like I'm working or coping because I love what I do."

“What's the biggest challenge you've faced?”

"I'm worried about contracting the virus, or if a customer that gets it. I know we shouldn't form bonds with our customers but it's so hard not to as they're so lovely. I''m also worried that if I get it, will I take it back to my family?  That's a big concern. I've got the right PPE and my agency ensures we have the right precautions so not too scared, but you always have that fear at the back of your mind."

“How do you keep positive?”

“I do it all for my customers and they keep me positive, too. My customers don't want to see doom and gloom  - they see enough of that on TV and having a conversation with them also makes you feel better. It's what gets me through. Many times, I'm the only person they'll see for the entire day. They look forward to seeing me, and I them, seeing their smile makes my day.”

"How do you maintain a work-life balance?"

"It feels normal. I message my boss and let them know what works. My boss, Nina, is amazing and caring. She always tries to accommodate us in our schedules.  For me it is normal. My daughter goes to school as my partner also works."

“Do you have a support system?”

"We're very close to my extended family and it's sad to not be with them, but we see each other at a distance. My brother and his family actually live close to one of my calls so I wave at them through the window. Friends are always messaging me and telling me I'm doing a good job. It's great to see people give us credit and mention us, as Home Care workers are very often forgotten about. But, I don't do it for the thanks, I do it because I love what I do!"

“Does Birdie help make it easier?”

"Yes it does. At first I didn't know how to take it but now it's so much easier. Communication is so much easier between carers. I can see all the alerts and issues before I go to the client's house instead of spending time catching up in the client's house. I wouldn't be without Birdie. It's ever so good and now it doesn't feel like we've never not had it! It's completely part of our daily routine and feels totally natural"

We’d like to say a huge well done to Amy, and thank you for doing the work you do. We’ll be posting a Carer of the Week each and every week so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram to see the winners.

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