Dare to care: A special thank you to home care staff from Birdie

On #homecareday we really wanted to say a huge thank you to every #homecare provider going above and beyond this year.

Working in homecare has always been a challenging vocation, even before the onset of a major global pandemic. Demanding hours, lack of funding, low pay rates and recruitment challenges are difficult enough to endure, but in 2020, you took it all in your stride whilst serving frontline care to those most vulnerable.

Our team is incredibly humbled and grateful for the work of each and every one of you.

So much so, that our Software Engineer, Marin, took it upon himself to create something to say thank you.

Marin joined us as a Software Intern and is now a full-time member of the Birdie team. Hailing from France, his (now not so) hidden talent is in writing, composing and performing rap music. He knew that he could use his talents to show care staff how grateful we are, and so, he decided to do something about it.

He asked the team: "If we could thank home care workers for one thing this year, what would it be?" And from our responses, he wrote, composed, recorded and created a video for every one of you, using photos from our partner agencies and featuring carers from our Carer of the Week series. ❤️

On Home Care Day, we’re excited to share it with you.


Thank you (repeated)

We want to thank you

‘cause you dare to care

Not everyone would have dared to care

But you dare to care

Yeah, you dare to care

Thank you (repeated)

We wanted to thank you

‘cause what you do is tough

We applaud and we cheer

But it will never be enough

Even with this Covid

You care of who we hold dear

You’re the ones taking the risks

Working day and night

With all your heart and soul

You have the hardest role

In these dark times

You’re a relentless light

Doing all the hard work

I wish you were paid right

We’ve got everyone on deck

To get through this hell

We thanked the NHS


Now it’s your time

To get an anthem

We thank those who save lives

And those who

Take care of them

We wanted to thank you

‘cause you dare to care

Yeah you dare to care

Not everyone would have

Dared to care

Yeah you dare to care

Yeah you dare to care

Thank you

We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share it on social, you can find it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram 🤗